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Accessories 031SB

Name:Steamboat Brand Quad Sharpener
Blade Finish:High Polished
Weight:0.13 oz
The Steamboat Super Sharpener is made of 4 high quality ceramic and magnesium oxide rods, placed at just the right angles into a durable white oak base. The larger rods are fine grit, the smaller diameter rods are extra fine. The smaller finishing rods are set at just a slightly wider angle which puts a double bevel on your cutting edge, making it sharper, stronger and longer lasting. Once the angle is set on your blade it is a snap to re-sharpen when needed. When the rods fill with steel they can be washed with Comet or Ajax in your bare hands. Make sure the rods are completely dry before you put them back into the base or the holes will naturally swell due to the moisture. The sharpener will last forever...unless you drop the rods on a hard surface...they will probably break. But the rods are very strong and will not break under normal sharpening strain. Can you cut yourself while using the Steamboat Super Sharpener? You better believe it! The sharpener is not dangerous but your knife sure is. So be careful and keep your hands clear. Use the sharpener on a hard level surface at a comfortable height for you. Some of our customers secure the base with screws or double-stick tape. Make sure the rods are properly set to the bottom of the holes. Quad Ceramic-Magnesium Rod Sharpener, genuine oak base. Hand Made in the USA. Note: Replacement rods item #031SBC (Coarse), #031SBF (Fine). Replacement rods sold only in pairs.

Price: $25.00
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